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Our aim is to provide the best environment for animals.

We do this with our mission to offer the products you need, when you need them and at the right price.

Healthy animalsAnimal Specialties & Provisions is focused on providing the best environment for your animals. We focus on science and science has shown animals that have customized diets and engaging habitats thrive. In addition, we know that play and activity is essential for animals so we provide a full line of products that offer stimulation and enrichment.


Enrichment is essential to a happy habitat and healthy animals -- so important, it's the reason we are in business today.

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We're an ISO 9001 Certified PMI LabDiet Dealer serving the Delaware Valley with laboratory animal diets and beddings and environmental enrichment products. Our line of enrichment addresses the need for variety, durability, safety and economy. Working with facilities across the country has allowed us to develop enrichment items for all species incorporating valuable feedback from animal care staff of our clients.


When you need Environmental Enrichment products think ASAP.
We want to help you find the best products, at the right price, when you need them.

We only represent only the best brands we trust.

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