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The Andersons Lab Bedding

Anderson BeddingAs the sole manufacturer of Bed-o’Cobs, The Andersons has provided the research community with the most trusted name in bedding since 1962. While they began with a single product (1/4″ Bed-o’Cobs bedding), their premium product offering today includes 15 of the highest quality bedding, enrichment, nesting and specialty products.

As rodent work gained popularity in the 1960′s, Bed-o’Cobs was quickly recognized as “the bedding of choice” throughout the industry.  As DNA mapping and genome work began in the 1980′s, we continued to improve our products and services in accordance with researchers’ desires for the highest quality in bedding for their animals and studies.

While they were first known by our Bed-o’Cobs branded products, our product line now includes a much broader selection, aimed at making an unnatural environment more natural. From irradiated and qualified products available in autoclavable and bulk bags, to sterility and heavy metal testing, they also provide a number of services to the industry.

Most popular products:

Bed -o' Cob 1/4"

Ideal for mice, rats, guinea pigs and other small animals

  • Will not cling to animals or cage
  • Fast wicking absorption
  • Resists cage flooding due to water bottle flooding

Bed-o' Cobs_1/8"

Greater Surface Area

  • Four times more surface area than 1/4″ Bed-o’Cobs
  • Will not cling to animals or cage
  • Faster wicking absorption


Created using improved technology and an advanced manufacturing process, Pure-o’Cel truly is “better by design,” allowing for higher absorbency with less bedding. Utilizing a vacuum dust removal system during manufacturing creates a pure, virtually dust-free product.


Exceptional Bedding

  • With the addition of Enrich-n’Nest’s paper rolls, this blend provides the base for animal housing
  • Promotes healthy animal activity
  • Caters to the animals’ natural nesting and shelter-building instincts
  • Addresses thermoregulation concerns

Bed-o' Cob/Pure-o' Cel

Enriching Environment

  • With the addition of Pure-o’Cel’s paper squares, this bedding promotes specie specific behavior
  • Produces healthier, less stressed animals
  • Takes away the dominant mouse, as all cage mates can sort

Enrich-n' Pure

Premiuim Enrichment

  • This blend of Enrich-n’Nest paper rolls and Pure-o’Cel paper squares provides excellent opportunities for animal nesting and burrowing
  • Promotes animal activity and specie specific behavior
  • Made of 100% virgin paper
  • Perfectly suited for toxicology work and GLP studies

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