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Shepherd Specialty Papers

Shepherd Specialty Papers remains unmatched in their commitment to provide a full line of quality products to the animal care industry.

They offer a wide variety of Cage and Pan Liners, Bedding, and environmental enrichment items for the best possible animal care and to make cage maintenance easier and more economical.

For more than 25 years, Shepherd Specialty Papers has been dedicated to producing and providing the highest quality products for the lab animal industry.

Some of their most popular products:

Shepherd's™ Cob

This bedding is dried in driers to a lower moisture content than any other cob bedding material on the market. The target moisture content during manufacturing is 5% by weight while other manufacturers dry their product to 8 to 10%. Lower moisture content means our processing more effectively kills bacteria, yeast, mold and coliforms. Learn more.

Shepherd's™ Cob PLUS

Eliminate the additional cost for adding nesting materials to the cage. This blend combines both the bedding and nesting material, ALPHA-twist, for an all in one advantage. Mini-rolls of multi-layered virgin paper cut into short lengths are adding to give the animals nesting material which enhances their nest building instincts. Learn more.

Shepherd’s™ Specialty Blend™

Not only is our Specialty Blend exceptionally absorbent, the dissimilar materials allows the bedding to effectively stay drier, a requirement to reduce ammonia. The end result of lower ammonia levels mean that cage changes can be extended even for micro-isolation caging creating a tremendous material and labor cost savings. Learn more.

Shepherd's™ ALPHA-dri®

Shepherd's™ ALPHA-dri®, made from alpha cellulose, is a loose animal bedding of exceptional absorbency and precisely defined composition. Learn more.


PAPERCHIP® is manufactured primarily from used newspapers and is the result of years of extensive lab testing. It is available in two different textures, each available in 35-pound autoclavable paper bags. Learn more.

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