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Charles River will no longer offer TransGel

Did you receive this notice recently?

No need to worry! Animal Specialties And Provisions is your local source of the complete line of ClearH2O hydrating, nutrient and enrichment gels.

Charles River Switches to HydroGel™ for North America Animal Shipments
January 21, 2011 – As part of our ongoing efforts to harmonize our global operations and procedures, Charles River North America will be switching our hydrated transportation gel to HydroGel™ on April 1, 2011.

HydroGel™ is a non-wetting water gel for animal hydration, manufactured by ClearH2O® in its FDA-approved facilities. HydroGel™ is thermo-reversible and high-temperature pasteurized to ensure product sterility and integrity. It is widely accepted by rodents and is particularly efficient for animal transportation because it is clean, dry and single-use.

HydroGel™ has been used by all Charles River European breeding facilities since July of 2010. It has also been adopted by a number of commercial animal vendors and research institutions as the principal source of hydrated transportation gel.

As of April 1, 2011, HydroGel™ will be used for all shipments of VAF® and VAF/Elite® rodents (rats, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs), rabbits and genetically modified models and will be included in all animal return containers (Sew Easy™, Gnoto-safe™, etc). Surgically altered models will also be shipped with HydroGel™, with the exception of those that require a specific post-surgical supplement such as glucose or sodium.

Charles River will no longer offer TransGel™ as an item for purchase. However, HydroGel™ can be purchased directly from ASAP.

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