ASAP Pest Control Program

The following is a very brief explanation of the style of pest management performed at Animal Specialties And Provisions (ASAP).

  • Twice monthly service.
  • Insects are monitored on the interior with sticky traps and pheromone traps.
  • Integrated Pest Management techniques are employed which emphasize the judicious use of pesticides.  When and if a pesticide is necessary to correct  an active pest issue, it must be approved by ASAP.
  • An aggressive rodent control program is in place, which includes the use of rodenticide on the exterior of the facility and mechanical traps on the interior.  See maps located in logbook.
  • Seasonal exterior insect control is performed on the exterior of the facility using approved pesticides.
  • Clear concise notes are taken after each service and stored in the on site Pest Control LogBook.
  • Management inspections are completed twice annually by J.C. Ehrlich

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