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As a world leader in laboratory animal nutrition, LabDiet® and TestDiet® feed nutritionists are committed to conducting innovative research programs. We have a long and proud history of close collaboration with life science investigators worldwide. LabDiet® products have been the nutritional baseline used by researchers for over 70 years!

The quality and integrity of the inputs used in your products are critical.  We carefully and thoroughly approve every ingredient and packaging supplier before adding them to our authorized supplier list. Then we monitor their performance to ensure that our quality standards are maintained. All ingredient protocols are part of FSSC 22000 certification documentation.

Standard Diets

Standard diets which are comprised of natural “multi-nutrient” ingredients, largely grains, in which each ingredient may provide many different nutrients.

Certified Diets

One type of product offered by LabDiet is Certified products that are GLP compliant.  A compilation of samples are taken at the time of manufacture to be analyzed for the above constituents.  The product does not get released from the plant until that certification comes back and the diet has “passed”.  Copies of the certification profile for a specific batch are also always available on the LabDiet web site.

Irradiated Diets

A second category of diets at LabDiet is the PicoLab diets.  All diets with this name are irradiated prior to leaving the facility.  This eliminates the need to autoclave a diet.  Unlike autoclavable diets, irradiated diets do not need to be fortified with select vitamins because there is very minimal to no loss during the irradiation process.

Advanced Protocol Diets

Finally, Advanced Protocol diets are those that were designed for more specialized research, like that of phytoestrogens or studies looking at endocrine disruptors.  All of these diets were researched and developed at our research facility or in collaboration with some outside institutions to define or evaluate key variables.

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