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Canine Diets

LabDiet® For Canines:

Standard Diet:

LabDiet® canine diets meet the nutrient requirements of all canine species used in a laboratory setting and support all life stages: growth, maintenance, gestation and lactation. The canine diets are exposed to heat and steam during the extrusion process which gelatinizes starch resulting in increased nutrient bioavailability and digestibility. Our diets have been proven to provide low fecal volumes, firmer stools, good body condition and shiny hair coats.

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Certified Diet

PMI Nutrition International Certified LabDiet® can save you time and money in your efforts to meet the requirements of the FDA's Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) program. Certified LabDiet® products are assayed prior to shipment. Each lot is certified not to exceed maximum concentrations of key contaminants.

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