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What is Manzanta Hardwood

Manzanita is a dense hardwood growing from Baja Mexico up through Washington State ranging from the coast up to 6000 ft in the mountains. There are over 27 sub-species of Manzanita. The plant grows as a shrub like tree with the branches rarely exceeding 5” in diameter. Historically used for parrot perches due to its strength and resistance to splintering. Though anecdotal, all references I found on the internet proclaim it as non-toxic. Over the last 3 years we have shipped hundreds of pounds of Manzanita for use with a wide range of species. We have received no complaints of any type but specifically none regarding adverse reaction due to ingestion or physical injuries due to the woods properties. In its natural range the Manzanita fruit (Manzanita in Spanish means little apple) is eaten by a wide variety of wildlife. The foliage is consumed as browse by deer, goats and sheep though not as a preferred food source. Due to its dense composition little if any detergents are retained during cage washing and it is autoclavable.

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